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Blacklight Power, Inc.
Steven Vincent Johnson
REPORT ON BLACKLIGHT POWER This report is a distillation of over 15 years of personal observations pertaining to an alternate energy startup company called BlackLight Power, BLP for short. While the contents of this report should still be considered highly speculative there's a distinct possibility that we may be hearing a lot more about this company and its founder, Dr. Randall Mills as soon as next year. It all hinges on whether claims the company is now making can be confirmed. Such vindication may come as soon as 2015. I attempt to give the reader an objective assessment, at least as I perceive it, of BLP’s chances of success or failure. I include a number of interesting struggles Blacklight Power has had to step its way through, some going back more than 20 years. There have been tussles involving a number of key personalities, some in powerful positions that have, according to BLP, hindered the company's commercial goals setting them back 10 years or longer. The tale is a potential saga worthy of several future screenplays. However, such a tale will only deserve to be told if BLP’s findings are vindicated. When this report was published we do not yet have a definitive outcome. However, a final day of reckoning may be coming soon. Downlod PDF report. (40 pages) Steven Vincent Johnson November 20, 2014