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Steven Vincent Johnson
Welcome to Confessions of a Science Fiction Artist. Confessions, a sub-domain of OrionWorks, is maintained by Steven Vincent Johnson. As a matter of provenance my parents named me after the poet and story writer, Stephen Vincent Benet. Following in Mr. Benet's footsteps can be intimidating shoes to fill. I enjoy writing and doodling. On occasion, I also illustrate elaborate landscapes that explore both the exterior world and the interior landscapes of the mind. Hours can go by while entranced and utterly oblivious to the physical passage of time when involved in these activities. It can be challenging trying to integrate both the written word alongside the illustrated idea. Some of my creations have resulted in a smattering of personal essays pertaining to my views on life… aka the Universe according to Steven Vincent Johnson. I’ve also written essays which have on occasion produced a wide spectrum of imaginary playmates. Some of these imaginary characters originate from humble beginnings while others seem to possess return addresses my five physical senses are oblivious to. They occasionally surprise me with a minutia of personal details which I then try to write down, or illustrate - sometimes in lavish detail. Sometimes, they let me know when I get it wrong. I hope you enjoy the smattering of topics and landscapes presented here. If you like what you have seen or have read here please tell your fiends about Confessions of a Science Fiction Artist. - Steven Vincent Johnson